5 little festive ideas that can make big difference this Diwali 2017

5 little festive ideas that can make big difference this Diwali 2017Blog

Diwali is the most glamorous festival celebrated in India for 5 days. This means a lot of you are going to be busy prepping for the big day because you will be hosting a Diwali party and want to leave no stone unturned in making your house look perfect for the day. Here are some little ideas that can make a big difference in your decor this season. So get your notepads out and set yourself for easy efforts that could make a big difference to your home.

1. Festive Cushion Cover:
Add colour to your sofa. An embroidered cushion cover to give the festive vibe and make the decor stand out in the most traditional way. You can even add more throw pillows in gold or metal shade because a pop of shine can do wonders to your regular sofa.

2. Artificial Flowers:
They will not only make your home look pretty but act as a good replacement for regular flowers which tend to dry and lose its colour. Add them to your decor list and you can use them for multiple decor purposes from mandir to walls and your balcony and it will last long for years


3. DIY teacup lights:
This Diwali, up to your DIY game by adding a personalized touch to your decor theme. You can take the mini teacups and paint them or draw a design and use it as decor lights to have a proper Diwali theme. And yes! this will not cost you much and will make your home look Pinterest inspired at the same time.

4. LED Diya Decor:
Save your house from oil spills and ensure safety for kids by adding electric diyas to your outdoor decor. This idea is good because you don’t have to worry about creating a fire hazard and it ensures your house is LIT throughout Diwali.

5. Centre table details:
Accessorise your center-table with more details like placing the glass with the tea lights and coasters placed under them. Detailing is what matters and can make your table the highlight and make the guests feel invited and festive.

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