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Cushions probably are one of the most important homes accessories you can own. They not only provide pops of colour, texture and luxury but also with a low price tag, they can be easily traded out with changes in trends and seasons.

Having the right cushions in your living room can make all the difference in the room altogether. They are the easiest way to bring the change; without having to redecorate the whole place with an added advantage of being easily removable if you end up making a blunder.

With the right pillows, you can bring life even to a dull room. However, it is extremely important that you know how to choose the right sizes and shapes, the right number of pillows, the right textures and the right colour.

Want to know the perfect combinations for your décor?

Vary Shapes & Sizes

Bring out the dimension to your living room by playing around with scale – from rectangular to square shaped, big to small…

There are four basic sizes for selection of cushions –
Standard: 19″ x 26″
Queen: 19″ x 30″
King: 20″ x 36″
Euro: 26″ x 26″

Play around with patterns

You should always choose a style that speaks to you. You should try to make a combination of patterned pillows with well-balanced colour palettes. You should try to establish a contrast with a divergent colour, pattern or texture to define the extremity.

Focus On Textures

There are various textures and designs to choose from. Right from eclectic shag and embroidery to luxurious linen and silk. Notice how textures work together to choose the most convenient combination.


Give attention to Consistency

It is very important that you choose the colour scheme that speaks to you and then swaps out core colours with the change in seasons.

Don’t Overplay It
Fill your space with enough pillows to add colour and allure, but be sure to leave enough room for lounging.

Cushions can work wonders. They add comfort to your lifestyle, while the colours and patterns add atmosphere to the living room and personal style.

“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired”

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