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With a contemporary touch to it, sofa cum beds add a solitary touch to your living space, which makes instigates the vogue in you.

Serves two purposes for your guests

  • Who party till late and
  • Decide to slumber there only

Collect necessary ornaments for your living spaces which serves the purpose when needed. Futons add comfort to your urban living.

Remember how you feel sleepy while watching TV on your sofa but you can’t sleep on that. If you replace your sofa with futons, you can spend a lazy day with your TV and yourself on that comfortable futon.

An Exemplary sofa should have the back support not more than 3 feet away which will in turn let you keep your feet comfortably on the floor rescuing you from leg pain.

Sofa cum beds save your pockets as they would liberate yours from buying a spare bed or mattress as these sofas fold completely to give you the comfort of a bed without paying more for that.

Well last but not least, these space savers are worth trying. Rest assured, your guests won’t shy away…

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