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This is one of our most versatile products which is compact and comfortable and there are options that accommodate around four people as well. Hence when there is less space but you want to make efficient use of it then a futon is the choice you should go for. Futon can be used as setter and bed. Evok presents to you a product which adds a smart and elegant touch to your home with a pop of colour and available in different materials. This the right choice for having a seating in the guest room or for your child when you have a lot of members who come to your house for a dinner. We have used the most premium quality for the futons which is a very comfortable and compact choice. Hence the best option for saving space while having a portable and hassle-free seating choice then it has to be a futon.

How to use futon for your space

Extra seating for the living room: A futon can be used as an extra seating when you have a family or friend reunion. Two or three people can sit on it easily at once like a sofa. It is ideal to use futon in the family room, guest room or kids room. Futons are frequently used and a part of high traffic area, therefore the fabric should be easily cleanable. Find your futon at that have easy-care fabric for fast cleanup. Evok is the best place to find a stylish futon, that can make your living room look more elegant.