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If you have a lot of guests coming at your home on regular basis or you have a big family to adjust, but you do not want to use up a lot of space then a sofa cum bed is the best option you should go for. It is the most optimal choice with convenience at its best. Sofa cum bed is the pick you need when you want a comfortable sofa which can be easily converted for accommodating four to five people who come over at your home. With the varied available colours, fabrics, designs you will never have to settle for anything. They are easily convertible and convenient to use in metal and wooden options to add the touch of uniqueness in your home. A sofa cum bed is available in a lot of sizes according to the space available at your home. Evok provides a very exclusive service to each of its customers which are seamless and fast. Hence choosing Evok as your furniture online store is the right choice to make.