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Living room is where you spend the most time of your day, it is also where you welcome your guests and that is exactly where they build up their first impression of you. Your living room then must have all the essential features it needs to reflect a perfect image of you and your house. Sofa set is one such essential that can make or break the entire look and feel of your living room. If you're on the lookout for some great sofa sets to elevate the look of your living room, Evok is just the place for you. Log on to evok and get the best of living room furniture including a massive range of sofa sets.

Buying sofas online have never been so easy. Get set to give your living room and your life a makeover. At Evok, you will definitely be spoilt for choice because the range features all different kinds of products so you can pick out the one that best matches your taste and preferences.

Types of Sofa sets at evok

At evok we have multi-seater sofas starting from 1 Seater Sofas, 2 Seater Sofas , 3 Seaters Sofas to 5 Seater sofas. We have L Shaped Sofas and full sofa sets with multiple combinations. There are different fabric materials used, you can choose a suitable fabric you like. We have leather, half leather, solid wood, engineered wood, fiber leather, art leather, rubberwood fabric and many other types of sofas. The L-shape sofa is one of the modern sofa designs to have transformed and here is our favourite designs and best-selling sofas "Alden Leatherette L-Shape Sofa Left" and Latvia L-Shape Fabric Sofa Right.

The sofa in the sole of any living room, without a comfortable and stylish sofa your room is incomplete. There are different types of sofas and sofa sets to meet your space requirement. Before setting your eyes on any options, you need to consider your space and where you will place your sofa.

If you are empty nester looking for a complete sofa set or a couple with children and is search for a laid back, comfortable and family room sofa, then you are the right place. Our sofas & sofa sets are perfect to enjoy that snuggling feeling while watching a movie with your family, friends or spending a lazy weekend laidback day.

You can customize your living room and with it, your living experience with great ease. Your living room can now become a true reflection of your personality but only if you hurry and get shopping before the stocks run out. So go on and browse through our sofas and sofa set online with easy EMI, free delivery and free installation, delivering across India.