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Registration Coupon Terms and Conditions:

To offer special discounts to our users from time to time, we share 4 coupon codes based discounts. To prevent any possible misuses we have put in place a few checks on the ways in which these coupon codes can be used.

To make the best use of the coupon code offers, please go through the following terms and conditions applicable to all coupon codes:

1. A coupon-based offer will be valid upon application of the coupon codes at the time of the placing order.

2. Coupon Code Conditions .Registration offer(For New users only):

  1. 2000EVOK - Shop for Rs.40,000 or more and get additional discount of Rs.2,000
  2. 1500EVOK - Shop for Rs.30,000 or more and get additional discount of Rs.1,500
  3. 1000EVOK - Shop for Rs.20,000 or more and get additional discount of Rs.1,000
  4. 500EVOK - Shop for Rs.10,000 or more and get additional discount of Rs.500

3. Coupons will be valid for 3 days or till the stock lasts on the applicable products, whichever happens, earlier.

4. A Coupon cannot be clubbed with any other coupon or with any other offer including offers running on the site without using coupons.

5. A Coupon will provide the stated discount or the discount already stated on the product whichever is higher unless otherwise mentioned.

6. Coupons shared individually with a user will be applicable on purchase made by that particular user only.

7. The website reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of any coupon any time without prior intimation.

8. The Coupons can ONLY be redeemed on website

9. Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash.

10. Evok reserves the right to cancel any orders placed using Coupons. Some situations where your order may be cancelled include, without limitation, misuse of any Coupons, unauthorized usage or inaccuracies of Coupon pricing and value thresholds. The Coupon amount will not be refunded for such cases.

11. In case of returns of items purchased through promo coupons, only the net amount will be refunded and promo coupon code will not be valid.

12. For a single transaction, only one Coupon can be used, partial redemption is not valid.

13. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.

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