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About Fabric Recliners Online in India

Your one-stop shop for recliners in India, Evok by Hindware, brings you a wide range of 1, 2 and 3 seater recliners and recliner sets in fabric and leatherette. With luxe designs and fashionable colours, these recliners are found in all desired size variants with the price ranging from ₹19K to ₹100K. Optimum comfort is the primary aim of every recliner at Evok, whether it's a recliner chair/sofa for a living room, a home theatre recliner or a cinema recliner. Our goal is to keep offering you more and more leisurely seating solutions.

Advantages of buying a Fabric Recliner

Many people prefer fabric recliners because they're incredibly comfortable. Fabric recliners use velvet, cotton, chenille, or other breathable materials that provide superior comfort and help you relax. Here are some advantages to shop a fabric recliner-


All of our recliners are made with comfort and sturdiness in mind, with sturdy construction, smooth reclining mechanism, and soft yet supportive cushions. Fabric recliners with soft material give your space an overall more luxurious feel because the natural fibres present in fabric upholstery make it soft and permit it to breathe. It provides a warmer feel in winter and pleasant feel in summer.


Fabrics come in multiple options in terms of colour, texture and patterns. This makes it easy to pick a style that matches the living space’s decor and colour scheme. Also, one can complement it with a contrasting or matching cushion.


The wear and tear of fabric sofas mainly depend upon the grade of fabric. High-quality fabrics will withstand wear better. Also, materials do not get scratches like leather or leatherette, so they tend to handle pets' claws and kids' homework binders better than leather.


A wise man once said to always invest in those things that come between you and the ground (a bed, shoes, a chair, etc.). A good-quality recliner is an asset that you will enjoy for years to come. Evok will provide you with the comfort you need while also making your living room super cosy and magnificent, with our budget-friendly fabric recliners available in 1, 2 and 3-seaters

Seating options in fabric recliners

We all like to enjoy some me-time and a few moments of peace in a comfy, cosy recliner after exhausting meetings and long working hours in our run of the mill lives.

One seater fabric recliner :

If you are a professional working living alone at your premises, you want a place to relax after a long exhausting day at your office. In that case, you must go for a single-seater recliner. We have a vast range of colour options available in single-seater fabric recliners that you can pick from according to your wall colour and decor or your taste and preferences. The standard size of our one-seater fabric recliner is 40 inches in height, 35 inches in breadth, and 30 inches in depth. They can hold upto 100-120kg of weight. Our starting range for a single-seater fabric recliner is 20k.

Two seaters fabric recliner:

If you have a small living room but want a relaxing and comfortable sofa, you should go for a two-seater fabric recliner that can easily accommodate two people. It has reclining facilities plus, it is available in many attractive designs from which you can choose one for your house. The standard size of a double-seater recliner is somewhere around 40 inches in height, 75 inches in length, and 39 inches in depth. They come under 35k.

Three seaters fabric recliner:

If you have enough space inside your living room, you should pick any 3-seater fabric recliner sofa. The standard height of a three-seater leatherette recliner is 40 inches in height, 87 inches in length, and 40 inches in depth. Please note, these statistics can vary depending on the design and style of the recliner. We have both manual and motorised recliners. Starting range of a three-seater fabric recliner is 40k.

L shape fabric recliner:

The advantage of an L-shaped recliner sofa is that it makes efficient use of space, and it can help you recline and relax together with your loved ones L-Shaped sofas are made to transform your old drab corners into lively and beautiful rooms. They are the perfect choice for home theatres. Sinking into these soft fabric recliners in your evenings will become your favourite activity.


Are recliners good for home?

Recliners are beneficial for reducing stress and improving blood circulation. When working for long hours gets stressful, you can relax on a recliner to release your tension.

How much does a fabric recliner cost in India?

The cost of recliners may vary as per the fabric and quality. Many cost-effective models are available on the website. The price may differ for supported brands, material type, base variations, sizes and extended mechanisms on which it is built. At Evok, you'll get a single-seater fabric recliner from 18k-35k, a two-seater fabric recliner available from 30k- 40k and three-seaters and L shape ranges from 40k to 100k.

Is fabric or leather recliner better?,

The choice between a fabric and a leather recliner depends on your priorities and preferences. Fabric is soft and comfortable, whereas leatherette is easier to manage and gives your space a lavish look.

My mother has a spine problem. Which recliner do I choose?

At Evok, you can get an electrical or motorised fabric recliner that will change positions with just a small touch of your hand and will beautifully support your back without exerting any pressure. The rocking motion will also help you drift peacefully to sleep.