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Study and Laptop Tables

Home Table

Why do you need a study table?

Now working from home and studying online has become the new normal. For this, you’ll need a proper desk at home to focus on your work. A study table is one of any study room or workspace necessities. Whether you want to place your laptops, books, computers or any other study notes, you always need an accessible space to organise these particulars. It can be delicate to work in an untidy or clutter-free area. We have a collection of ultra model appeal functional furniture, making working at home more convenient and exciting than ever.
Our study room furniture is suitable with both minimal and lavish room decor styling. Our wide collection of solid wood study tables meets your decoration needs with gorgeous finishing and invigorates a dazzling charm to your room. Thus, our massive range of study table options is nicely-designed to reflect the panache of your choice and personality.
Study Tables have become a basic necessity of every home because these years are quite different from other years. Some students or employees used to go to school or the office and now they are completing their studies or working from home. With work from home (WFH), people are actively looking to make their home office more productive and stylish. One of the important components to making your home-office atmosphere organised and professional is to choose the right study table, which complements the type of work you do. A good Wooden study table makes reading and writing much more comfortable. Having a place of your own to work boosts productivity. At the same time, it should match your home decor too. You acknowledge the importance of a study table while working on a bed or a sofa; this can lead to unhealthy postures and back pains. Study tables are designed to encourage healthy posture while working, avoiding back pains. To select a perfect study table for your workplace, you can find inspiration from popular study table designs. Study table with a minimalist look: If you have a small room, which you want to keep clutter-free, go for a small solid wood study table desk, which can be accommodated nearly anywhere and any corner of the house. You can fluently complement it with a comfortable wooden chair or an office chair, as per your choice.

Study table with bookshelf or storage:

When your space is minimum, but you require lots of stuff to place, you should choose an innovative design to meet your essentials. A good study table has a comfortable sitting place and enough space to put all your needed stationary. The drawers of the table should be accessible without strain.

Bed study table:

If you like working from your bed, there are several options available for study tables, which can be arranged anywhere and offer maximum comfort. Some bed table designs recently made up of all high end requirements with a minimum space that come with in-built chargers, adjustable tops and other functionality you may need. You can choose the suitable one as per your need and budget.

Foldable and wall mount study table:

Folding study tables are space-saving study tables where the table-top of the study table can be folded when not in use. These folding designs of the study tables are also created with storage in shelves, drawers, and cabinets. This is a unique folding table design with a wall-mounted design, having frames, where the table-top can be folded up to the shelving. The table is lifted to the bottom of the shelf rack, and its other end is supported on a single supporting thick slat. This design is best for compact rooms, as it does not engage any floor space. Its unique design gives the interior a beautiful look. Its unique design provides the interior with a stunning look.

Points need to be considered while choosing a suitable study table online:

Study tables online come in many shapes, sizes and modern designs. Your buying decision would greatly depend upon the kind of work you used to do and the amount of space you require to store your work essentials. So, there is a lot to pay attention to while buying study tables. Here are some essential points you should consider before buying the study table:

Choose according to the space available:

For compact space, you can go with a linear-shaped study desk that will save your room space. You can place this table against the wall or some other dead area in the corner. For ample space, we have many options when choosing the perfect table. You can choose a large and luxurious table for your family. It is essential to measure the height of the desk. The best size that will suit your kid best is between 26-30 inches. This is the perfect height that makes your child feel comfortable. Otherwise, your child may feel dis-comfortable with the sitting position that indirectly affects their health and study time.

Study table with storage space:

Some study tables at evok come with tiny or almost no separate storage compartments, while some of them are designed with drawers, shelves or cabinets to make your space settled and organised adequately. So, make sure you are first listing down your needs and then choosing the design that will match your top requirements.

Material and finish:

when we talk about the material, two terms come to mind: quality and look. Tables made of engineered wood look bold and modern. While solid wood tables give you a natural look and strength. Based on material, we considered mainly two types of wooden tables-

1. Solid wood study table:

Solid wood furniture is known for its stability and durability. All types of solid woods exude a unique rawness and colours that can create quality furniture. A wooden study table is also quite resilient and robust as it can handle all wear and tear better. You can consider a solid wood study table crafted from hardwood like Sheesham and teak if you want to pass on sturdy furniture as heirloom pieces to family members.

2. Engineered wood study table:

We want to save the earth but at the same time also enjoy a beautiful home office. In this case, you need an engineer wood study table. The Engineered Wood study table looks as good as natural wood but with a lower environmental impact. Also, it is easy to carry from one place to another and never hurts your pocket.

At last, the other most crucial thing is that you have to decide which particular finish will look amicable with the existing interior decor of your home. At evok, you will have options of four different wood finishes, namely:

1. The dark walnut finish

2. A contemporary mahogany finish

3. A warm honey finish

4. A natural teak finish

Why is Evok the right place for buying a study table?

At Evok, we know how important it is to have an idea and perfect little corner to work from home. That’s why we put a lot of thought into finding the perfect study desks that will also reflect your style while providing great functional use. Our range of study tables includes units with features for a pinboard, shelves for books, cabinets for files and even a rack for decorative objects and important stuff. For extra storage, multiple cabinets and drawers are also provided for extra storage, ensuring that you avoid cluttering your workspace. Also, we facilitate you with a hassle-free home delivery service of your ordered furniture while sitting in the comfort of your home. Our delivery agents take proper care of your product while delivering them to your doorstep. From simple return to easy refund, you will get every exciting offer and service from team evok. So, why waste more time, just visit our web portal and buy a study table to welcome the epitome of beauty and elegance in your home office.


1. Which is the most suitable material for a study table?

Undoubtedly wood is the best material for a study table. Solid Wood furniture is generally durable, easy to maintain, and suits all types of decor. The significant advantage of a wooden study table is it does not harm nature’s domain like plastic.

2. Which Colour is best for the study table?

Brown is generally the most common colour for the study table. But if you plan to pop on colour and don't want to stick to the basic deep shades, Evok has a wide range of colours like Grey, Wenge, black, beige etc.

3. What is the standard size of the study table?

The standard size of a study table is 120X60X 75cm if you are looking for a full-size study table.

4. How much does a study table cost?

The cost of the study table is around ₹10000 to ₹15000. The price depends upon the quality, material size and design of the study table.

5. How do I choose a study table?

You need to keep in mind some essential concerns while choosing the right study table for your home office: the space constraints of your home, your storage requirements, and you're aesthetic.

6. How high is a chair supposed to align with your study table?

Firstly you need to measure the distance from the floor to the top of the hand rest of the chair because it is essential that your chair easily fit into your table. And then measure the length from the floor to the writing surface of the table. Compare these two measures. It will give you a rough idea about the chair's height that you need.