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Breathe in the very best with our premium range of air purifiers. With the ability to cleanse the air, and create a serene atmosphere, these appliances are a thoughtful addition to every home and a must-have for every family. Scroll down to explore our range of air purifiers.

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Moonbow Vayo Air Purifier By Hindware

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Hindware Agnis Air Purifier

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When it comes to your family’s health, nothing but the best will do. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of the finest air purifiers to choose from. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options, or the top brands in the market, you’re certain to find the one that will upgrade not only the health of your family, but also add style to your home.

You’ll be amazed by how an air purifier can transform a living space. This simple addition cleans the air, making it more breathable and pleasant, thus allowing you to enjoy more serene moments with your loved ones. With a cleaner, healthier environment, you’ll find that staying indoors is just as pleasant as a stroll in the midst of nature.

Moreover, air purifiers have been proven to decrease the risk of respiratory problems, allergies and other illnesses. With the latest technology and advanced germ filters, you’ll find that the simple installation of an air purifier in your living space reduces the chances of falling ill.

At Evok, we offer a wide range of convenient and stylish air purifier options, so that your home reflects your personal taste. What’s more, we make it easy for you to have your favourite selections delivered to your doorstep. Simply log on to our online website, browse our extensive range of furniture options, pay through our easy payment gateway, and we’ll have your order delivered within days.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that our products are economical and yet truly value-for-money. However, we also have an easy pay EMI option available, as well as free delivery, and free installation on most products.

Types of Air Purifiers at Evok

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. At Evok, we listen to your requirements based on your budget, style preferences and lifestyle before recommending the perfect appliance for you.

Our ‘Moonbow Vayo Air Purifier By Hindware’ brings you a five-stage purification process, ensuring that your home remains a pure and peaceful sanctuary. Wonderfully efficient, this purifier claims to clean a coverage area of 538 square feet in only fifteen minutes. With a delightfully discounted price, this air purifier makes for a budget-friendly purchase.

For a high-end air purifier, we recommend the ‘Moonbow Air Purifier by Hindware – A8608UIA’. This best-seller has patented technology and carbon filters that have been designed to keep pollutants at bay. This purifier also comes with washable pre-filters, which are convenient and help to extend the life-span of the product. It even has a built-in UV lamp, that uses ultraviolet technology to kill mould spores, bacteria and viruses that cannot be detected with the naked eye. With a two-year warranty, you can be certain that any minor inconveniences will be addressed with just a simple phone call.

Be sure to place your order soon, as we have limited stock available. It won’t be long before we have your order fulfilled, and you can sit back and enjoy your truly special purchase.