No part of the kitchen’s more essential than a cooktop. That’s why we go the extra mile to bring you the finest ones in the market. Sleek, modern and stylish, we let you choose from the very best to make cooking an enjoyable everyday experience. Scroll down to explore our 2 burner, 4 burner cooktops and more.

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Hindware Tino SS Dlx 2B (2 Burner) Cooktop

Hindware Bruno 4B (4 Burner) Cooktop

Hindware Lorenzo White 3B (3 Burner) Cooktop

Hindware Lorenzo White 4B (4 Burner) Cooktop

Hindware Lorenzo 3B (3 Burner) Cooktop

Hindware Neo GL 2B (2 Burner) Cooktop

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL 3B

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL 4B

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL 3B AI

Hindware Cooktop Neo GL 3B

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL 3B BLK AI

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL 4B AI

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL BLK 4B AI

Hindware Cooktop Neo GL 3B AI

Hindware Cooktop Neo GL 4B AI

Hindware Cooktop Neo GL 4B

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL 2B BLK AI

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL BLK 2B

Hindware Cooktop Armo GL BLK 3B

Hindware Cooktop Vito SS Dlx 4B

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Unleash your inner chef with our range of cooktops. From smaller 2 hob cooktops to larger 4 hob cooktops, we have a variety of brands, configurations, and finishes for you to choose from.

There’s nothing more essential to a kitchen than a cooktop. This is where all the magic happens. From cooking up a hot bowl of soup to fixing a grand family dinner, the cooktop is perhaps the most vital part of a kitchen. That’s why we’re bringing you the best cooktops, including induction cooktops, in the business.

With modern features to offer added safety, convenience and style, our cooktops are the best selection for your family home. Moreover, with easy-to-clean parts, these cooktops are as practical as they are stylish.

At Evok, we offer a wide range of convenient and stylish cooktop options, so that your home reflects your personal taste. What’s more, we make it easy for you to have your favorite selections delivered to your doorstep. Simply log on to our online website, browse our extensive range of furniture options, pay through our easy payment gateway, and we’ll have your order delivered within days.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that our products are economical and yet truly value-for-money.

However, we also have an easy pay EMI option available, as well as free delivery, and free installation on most products.

Types of Cooktops at Evok

Every household has different needs. That’s why at Evok, we offer a range of cooktops that are best suited to address your personal preferences and style.

For single occupants or a nuclear household, a simple 2 hob cooktop is more than sufficient. Here, meals cooked are usually fewer in number and smaller in size. In this case, a cooktop such as our ‘Hindware Cooktop Armo GL 2B’ is an ideal match. With black glass, an easy-to-clean grill and a 2-year comprehensive warranty, this cooktop allows you to whip up quick meals stylishly and efficiently.

On the other hand, a larger household would benefit from a selection such as our ‘Hindware Cooktop Lorenzo 4B’. With a gorgeous black glass countertop, four forged brass burners, imported metallic knobs, and an impressive 5-year warranty, this cooktop is the perfect fit for larger meals and more frequent cooking. The additional number of burners makes it convenient to cook many components of a meal simultaneously, thus saving on both time and effort.

For those who wish for an alternative to gas burners, we also have a range of induction cooktops available at Evok. Our cooktops pair well with our modern chimneys, that ensure your family’s health by providing additional ventilation and directing hazardous fumes, smells and odors out of the kitchen and the home.

Be sure to place your order soon, as we have limited stock available. It won’t be long before we have your order fulfilled, and you can sit back and enjoy your truly special purchase.