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Enjoy the fun of cooking without the fear of flames with our beautiful range of induction cooktops. These convenient appliances are perfect for cooking up a quick meal, making them ideal for bachelor pads or out-of-the-kitchen cooking. Scroll down to explore our induction cooktops.

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Hindware Dino Induction Cooktop

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Hindware Aveo Induction Cooktop

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Hindware Ciro Induction Cooktop

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Buy Induction Cooktops Online

Enjoy the hassle-free experience of cooking without flames with the range of induction cooktops from Evok.

Whether you’re a beginner cook, a budding chef or a traveling foodie, our induction cooktops are a convenient and portable alternative to the traditional gas cooktop. Lightweight, electrically operated and stylishly designed, our induction cooktops give their traditional gas counterparts a real run for their money.

At Evok, we offer a wide range of convenient and stylish induction cooktop options, so that your home reflects your personal taste. What’s more, we make it easy for you to have your favorite selections delivered to your doorstep. Simply log on to our online website, browse our extensive range of furniture options, pay through our easy payment gateway, and we’ll have your order delivered within days.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that our products are economical and yet truly value-for-money. However, we also have an easy pay EMI option available, as well as free delivery, and free installation on most products.

Types of Induction Cooktops at Evok

At Evok, we’re all about finding the best induction cooktops for you to choose from. That’s why we browse through the top induction cooktops until we find the best electric induction cooktop to suit your requirements and that of your household.

It’s hard to top our best-seller, the ‘Hindware Induction Cooktop Enzoslim’. At an unbeatable price, this induction cooktop isn’t just convenient, it’s also extremely economical. Available in a beautiful black glass finish, this induction cooktop features easy push buttons that can be used to select any of the seven pre-set features. With an ultra-slim touch and LED Display, you have complete control over the appliance. However, that’s not all. To ensure that you’re cooking is always perfect, there’s also a built-in timer as well as an auto shut-off feature for additional safety.

For an even tighter budget-friendly option, the ‘Hindware Induction Cooktop – Dino’ wins hearts everywhere, with its smooth glass finish, pre-set cooking functions, safety features and LED display system. It’s truly one of the best induction cooktops of 2020.

The induction cooktop is a great way to teach your children how to cook. Without the fear of flames, it makes for a viable option to get them to develop cooking skills and become more independent. Plus, with our economical prices and great safety features, you can afford to have them join in as you experiment in the kitchen.

Induction cooktops also make for the perfect transportable cooking option. Whether you’d like to add one to your bedroom for a quick midnight snack, or you’d like to take it with you on holiday, or perhaps place one in your outdoor section for fun barbeque parties, an induction cooktop is always an advisable purchase.

Be sure to place your order soon, as we have limited stock available. It won’t be long before we have your order fulfilled, and you can sit back and enjoy your truly special purchase.