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Hindware Nevio Plus 60cm Chimney - Black

: Hindware

4212 Happy Customers

High Airflow

T-Shaped with Curved Glass

Power Saving LED lamp


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High Airflow

T-Shaped with Curved Glass

Power Saving LED lamp



1Yrs warranty

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  • Motion Sensor

    Enabled with motion sensor technology, our cutting-edge chimneys can detect any movement in front of them. This is a unique feature that gives our chimneys a futuristic edge. The motion sensor feature enables the chimneys to be switched on with just the wave of a hand. This makes the chimneys extremely easy- to- use and provides a handy alternative to the chimney’s monitoring which even children can control. The motion sensor feature keeps away the need for any complicated instructions for using the chimneys. The trusted brand of Hindware Appliances has come up with high-end chimneys, equipped with innovative kitchen chimney design in India.

  • Maximum Suction

    The chimneys come with powerful suction power. The maximum suction feature makes our chimneys one of the best kitchen chimneys available in India. The maximum suction leads to removal of combustion products, fumes, odour, steam, heat, smoke, and grease that develops during the process of cooking. The flow of air is most important as it prevents your kitchen from turning into a smoke-zone. Exposure to contaminated air may lead to asthma, bronchitis, cough, lower respiratory tract infections etc. Sufficient maximum suction helps to prevent suffocation and uneasiness while also effectively removing foul smell. Thus, a chimney must have maximum suction to keep the kitchen looking and smelling fresh and clean.

  • Remote Control

    Hindware Appliances have amped up their innovation and features. Here’s presenting Chimneys that are remote controlled. This allows you to remotely operate the chimney if you are caught up with other tasks. Keeping the ease of operation in mind, this feature topped our list of features that we loved. After gaining a lot of feedback and research, we introduced remote control features in many of our chimneys. Everyone can easily switch on or off the chimney with just a touch of a button. If your hands are dirty or you’re multitasking, then you can just control the chimney from wherever you are in the kitchen. Our chimneys represent modern kitchens at their finest. If you are upgrading your kitchen appliances, you know where to go.

  • 2D Suction Technology

    The new 2D Suction goes a step ahead in combining superb aesthetics with performance. The additional compact horizontal filter increases the maximum suction of the cooker hood by up to 25%. The two directional air filtration mechanism ensures that you have a kitchen that is modern, stylish and clean. The technology works in such a way that the filters are placed at two directions, horizontally and vertically, which when combined, Suction the air comprehensively. This ensures that every particle, oil, residue is trapped effectively and gives you a smoke-free clean kitchen.

  • PDCA Housing

    Pressure Die Cast Aluminium (PDCA) Housing increases the life of the motor and reduces the noise of the whole operation. This feature distinguishes our chimneys from most chimneys in the market. Due to the Pressure Die Cast Aluminum (PDCA) housing, the durability goes up manifold. Moreover, the noise is minimal due to reduced vibrations as a result of the operation. The PDCA absorbs and controls the vibration and noises produced while the motor runs. This makes cooking a smoke-free and noise-free experience. You can easily have conversations without any interruption or unwanted noise

  • Energy Efficient Light

    Chimneys from the house of Hindware Appliances are highly energy-efficient. The lamps illuminate a wider surface but consume less power; this makes them handy for viewing your countertops easily. This unique feature makes our chimneys eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. Hindware Appliances aims to offer products which are not only elegant but also innovative. The built-in lights in our chimneys elevate your cooking experience by illuminating your preparation counter and cooktop. Since it consumes low power, you can rest assured about your energy bills and consumption being on the lower side. The best part is that within minutes, there won’t be a trace of smoke or oil in your kitchen.

  • Baffle Filter

    Made from stainless steel, our chimneys come with baffle filters which effectively push the oil and residue to collect inside the baffle. The grease-saturated air is forced to change directions repeatedly. As the grease droplets are slower than air, hence they get condensed inside the metal blades and end up getting collected in the filter tray. The baffle filtration method offers an add-on benefit by ensuring that flames don’t spread, in case a fire breaks out. This is due to the presence of the grease trap. The ease of cleaning baffle filters makes them a great choice. Also, these stainless steel filters can be washed without difficulty even in the dishwasher. Moreover, the complete metal design helps it to score high on the durability factor. Our product range is hailed as one of best quality kitchen chimney in India.

  • Oil-Collector Cup

    Indian cooking involves a lot of deep-frying and high-heat cooking for longer periods. Most of the dishes in the Indian cuisine derive their authentic flavor from the extensive use of oil. Hence, it is only obvious that grease-stained kitchens are a common sight in Indian households. Grease on the walls and exhaust fans are never easy to clean and cleaning them often is a time-consuming and tiring task. To overcome this drawback, Hindware Appliances have come up with chimneys having oil-collector cups. The grease –filled droplets rise up with the hot air and smoke, finally getting collected in the oil-collector cup. Chimneys play a pivotal role in maintaining the health of those who are involved in kitchen chores for long periods.

  • Cassette Filter

    One of the essential components of a chimney is the filter. When the hot air rises in the kitchen, it passes through the filters which collect oil and heavier particles. Our chimneys are equipped with cassette filters, made of 3-7 layers of aluminum mesh. The multiple layers of mesh retain grease, oil particle from smoke and throw out remaining smoke. Cassette filters are most recommended for their silent operation. They are lightweight which enable easy repair and detachment from the chimney. Cassette filters are apt for non-greasy cooking where there is less usage of oil. However, it is important to clean it on a weekly basis as this facilitates proper functioning of the filter. Cassette filters are less expensive as compared to their baffle counterparts and hence, are easy on the pocket.

  • Metal Blower

    Metal blowers ensure maximum suction and durability. The metal blowers are connected to a duct system. The metal blower eliminates the task of replacement of filters at regular intervals. Thus they elongate the life term of the chimney. They also help to remove the excess heat in the kitchen area. The metal blowers help the chimneys to exhaust all kinds of air-borne contamination. Our classy chimneys give a sophisticated look to any kitchen and have been designed while keeping in mind the needs of modern homes. When in doubt about which chimney to buy, always look out for those with robust metal blowers.

  • Timer

    Most of us lead a busy life comprising hectic schedules, often with the need to engage in multitasking. This leaves us with very little time for ourselves. On certain occasions, we have of things on our mind and maintenance of kitchen appliances is likely to be among the last on the list. Understanding the chaotic routines of the consumers, Hindware Appliances has come up with chimneys which are timer-enabled. These timers help us to effortlessly manage our cooking time by auto-setting the duration of the chimney’s functioning. The timer automatically switches off the chimney after the set time. Hence, it also prevents the wastage of power and saves electricity which in turn aids in cost-cutting.

  • Auto Clean

    Auto Clean is a state of the art feature that helps in cleaning the oil and residue formed inside the motor with just one touch. Chimneys that are equipped with the auto clean feature are extremely useful because cleaning chimneys can be time-consuming. With the auto clean feature, the residue and oil collected in the chimney get cleaned on its own. This makes your work easier and the appliance low maintenance. Now smoke-free cooking just got easier. Hindware Appliances presents a line of Auto-clean Chimneys which are efficient and low on maintenance. So, if you’re someone that wants to lay back easily and not bother about appliance cleaning, don’t worry, we have your back.

  • Powerful Motor

    Hindware Appliances presents Chimneys enabled with Powerful motor with high suction capacity, longer operational life, less power consumption, and less noise. What more could one ask for? The high suction capacity ensures that the smoke is sucked out quickly. Being energy-efficient, this chimney is a must-have in your kitchen. The motor is not just power-packed but is also robust in built and is highly durable. This extends the longevity of the appliance no matter your usage. Now opt for a chimney that has it all-looks and power. What’s more? The operation is almost silent and the chimney produces very low noise.

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    Evok - Hindware Nevio Plus 60cm Chimney - Black

    High Airflow

    T-Shaped with Curved Glass

    Power Saving LED lamp



    1Yrs warranty