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There’s something truly majestic about the look and texture of solid wood. It conveys quality, longevity and traditional charm. Our collection of solid wood furniture is well-loved for its ability to add stately majesty to any room, while seamlessly complementing the existing décor. Scroll down to explore our solid wood wine racks, wooden coffee tables, solid wood beds and more.

Sophia Solidwood King Bed With Box Storage- Walnut

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Beatrice Solidwood King Bed Pull Out Drawer Storage - Honey

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Alexander Solidwood King Bed With Hyd Storage-Dark Walnut

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Beatrice Solidwood King Bed Box Storage - Honey

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Franco Solidwood King Bed Side Drawer Storage - Honey

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Cameron Solidwood King Bed Without Storage - Honey

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Marko Solid Wood King Bed Without Storage

Eclectic, unconventional and undeniably free-spirited, the Marko Solid Wood King Bed defines the modern aesthetic. Constructed from natural mango wood, this bed is simply unique in every sense of the word. The base of the bed is also made from ply, so as to provide the perfect, sturdy foundation for your mattress. Strong, slim wooden legs provide added stability to the bed. The linear, vertical form of the wooden legs is echoed in the design of both the headboard and the footboard, with their cl
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Diamond New Solid Wood King Bed With Hydraulic Storage-Honey Natural

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Imporio Solid Wood King Bed With Storage

Comfort meets convenience with the Imporio Solid Wood King Bed. Crafted from solid Sheesham wood, this bed epitomizes top quality design and comfort. With an added storage space in the form of a classic wooden drawer that can be pulled out, this bed provides an ideal space to store bed linen, bed sheets, pillows or other materials. A classic shade of walnut, this bed represents the best of the traditional aesthetic. The headboard and footboard of this bed are particularly charming, featuring
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Sophie Solid Wood King Bed Without Storage - Honey

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Elise Solid Wood King Bed Without Storage - Honey

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Danice Solid Wood King Bed Without Storage - Honey

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Buy Solid Wood Furniture Online

Solid wood adds a distinct touch of finesse to every home. Whether it’s a majestic wooden bed, a charming wooden table, or a stately wooden bar, there’s something about the texture and colour of wood that makes it appealing to all. You just can’t go wrong with our range of solid wood beds, coffee tables, and wine racks.

Crafted from the best wood available, our pieces are an example of exemplary craftsmanship and fine taste. Most of our solid wood pieces are made with classic Sheesham wood, which lends not only a distinctive appearance but also great longevity and resilience. This is an important aspect of any furniture piece because it’s imperative that your furniture doesn’t just look good, but resists wear and tear in the long run as well.

At Evok, we offer a wide range of convenient and stylish solid wood furniture, so that your home reflects your personal taste. What’s more, we make it easy for you to have your favourite selections delivered to your doorstep. Simply log on to our online website, browse our extensive range of furniture options, pay through our easy payment gateway, and we’ll have your order delivered within days.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that our products are economical and yet truly value-for-money. However, we also have an easy pay EMI option available, as well as free delivery, and free installation on most products.

Types of Solid Wood Furniture at Evok

Some of our finest furniture at Evok include our solid wood pieces. From charming wooden night tables to a trusty wooden nightstand, we have an assorted collection of furniture pieces that would look splendid in your home.

Crafted from fine Sheesham, our ‘Simone Solid Wood Round Table’ is a must-have for your home. Whether you use it to display your precious antiques or balance your favourite reads, this piece is as versatile as it is beautiful. With a sturdy wooden frame and a natural dark finish, this piece is humble yet eye-catching. But it’s not just our tables that come crafted from the very best wood, we also offer majestic wooden beds and matching furniture pieces. Take, for instance, our ‘Rio Solidwood Queen Bed’, made from premium quality Sheesham wood. The bed combines the appeal of solid wood with the charm of minimalistic design principles. You’ll notice that the headboard only features a simple design, so as to not distract from the natural finish and texture of the wood. Similarly, our ‘Marko Solid Wood Queen Bed Without Storage’ highlights the beauty and intrinsic charm of solid wood furniture.

Whether you choose to buy a nightstand, a closet or a stool made from solid wood, you’ll find it adds a premium touch to your home. The wood we select is evaluated on the basis of its quality, texture, and finish, and elevated with the use of select accessories.

Be sure to place your order soon, as we have limited stock available. It won’t be long before we have your order fulfilled, and you can sit back and enjoy your truly special purchase.

Is solid wood furniture best?

Solid wood furniture is durable and indeed saves you money in the long run. Also connects organic elements into your living spaces. Solid wood is biodegradable, it is environmentally friendly.

Which is better plywood or solid wood?

Solid wood and plywood have their own pros and cons. Solid wood is definitely more strong and durable that's why it also costs relatively higher than other wood materials. On the other hand, plywood is easy to maintain and less expensive compared to solid wood.