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There’s nothing quite like the gentle glow of a candlestick, or the tranquil illumination of a votive candle. Our candle holders can be used to add brightness to walls, doorways and hallways, while our candle stands make for the perfect way to accessorize your dining table. Scroll down to explore our fine selection of Victorian candle holders, glass table holders and more.



















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There are tons of ways of making your house feel more like home. And none more so that by adding just the right kind of lighting. Cluster lamps & chandeliers are a wonderful way to add illumination to your living space, whether you require the bright lights of a majestic chandelier or the comforting glow of pendant lights.
Cluster lamps refer to a group of hanging lamps, while a chandelier refers to a branched ornament light fixture. While cluster lamps are typically seen in more contemporary settings, chandeliers are often associated with traditional old furnishings. However, we also have a range of modern chandeliers and antique-looking cluster lamps.
At Evok, we offer a wide range of convenient and stylish cluster lamps & chandeliers, so that your home reflects your personal taste. What’s more, we make it easy for you to have your favorite selections delivered to your doorstep. Simply log on to our online website, browse our extensive range of furniture options, pay through our easy payment gateway, and we’ll have your order delivered within days.
If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that our products are economical and yet truly value-for-money. However, we also have an easy pay EMI option available, as well as free delivery, and free installation on most products.

Types of Cluster Lamps & Chandeliers at Evok

Cluster lamps & chandeliers are a wonderful way to add character to your home, and lighting to your rooms. Whether you have a modern setting or antique furnishings, we have a large collection of cluster lamps & chandeliers that would make for lovely décor in your living space. Cluster lamps & chandeliers can be added to any room – the living room, dining room, bedroom, and even the bathroom. These sources of illumination are usually placed in the center of the room, but they also make for a fine fixture at the of the room, for instance, a cluster lamp may be placed above an end table in the corner of the room, while a chandelier may find the perfect space just above the dining table.
Our cluster lamps are inspired by contemporary design as well as classic aesthetics. Some of our popular pieces reflect the industrial-inspired design that is currently trending. For instance, our ‘3-Lights Round Cluster Chandelier Classic Cylinder Blue Hanging Shade Pendant’ features three cylindrical cones that house three bulbs. Available in a variety of eye-catching solid colors, such as blue, green and even red – this hanging shade would fit perfectly in a trendy bachelor pad or even a child’s bedroom.
On the other hand, our ‘3-Lights Round Cluster Chandelier Golden Chimney Hanging Pendant Light’ evokes an image of traditional sophistication and charm. This beautiful piece features three chimney-shaped light bulbs that are suspended from an antique black iron base. This piece would perfectly complement a rustic looking home or stately old-world décor. Be sure to place your order soon, as we have limited stock available. It won’t be long before we have your order fulfilled, and you can sit back and enjoy your truly special purchase.