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Nothing defines your living room more than your sofa, and we have a plethora of options for you to choose from. From cozy one-seaters to grand three-seaters, we bring you the very best in premium seating. Choose from a variety of upholstery, including stylish leather, soft fabric or sustainable leatherette. Most importantly, with the use of our quality wood and expert craftsmanship, these pieces will last for the years come. Scroll down to explore fabric sofas, leatherette sets, recliner sofas, sofas with pouffes and more.

Evok brings astounding sofa designs to add a touch of glamor to your living room

We all like to make timely changes to our home decor. One of the best ways of sprucing up your living room space is introducing a new sofa to the surroundings. We know you must be thinking that getting a new living room sofa set can prove to be pocket pinching, but Evok furniture brings to you a range of affordable, yet high-quality furniture which will add a touch of glamor to your living space.

Sofa for living room

You need to understand that the size of your living room matters a lot when it comes to selecting a sofa. You can buy single seater sofas online, or opt for a double or 3 seater sofa depending on the space you have. Be sure to select something which is space-saving like a sofa with storage. Sofas with additional storage space are thoughtfully designed and will help you keep the space uncluttered. It is an efficient use of space, in a small home.

Different types of sofa materials

The upholstery of the sofa matters a lot! Thanks to the many advancements in interior design, you can choose from across a variety of different fabrics. Some of them are:

Fabrics Sofa: These include material such as cotton, rayon, linen, wool, silk and processed wood pulp. These are extremely comfortable and the tight weaves hold up for many years. They are available in a plethora of colors and are perfect for household usage. However, the materials are not stain resistant and a little more delicate than synthetic fibers and leather.

Leather Sofa: A very popular material, leather is processed animal hide. Leather sofas are expensive because they are extremely durable and very attractive. Most of these sofas can be found in different shades of browns and tans, to add a contemporary look to the design.

Bonded Leather Sofa: Bonded leather is also known as artificial leather, has the look of a leather sofa but may not wear as well. However, they are less expensive and very attractive and difficult to tell from the original leather. Synthetic microfiber sofa: This fiber happens to be a petroleum product created by extruding the chemical into cloth strands which are woven together to create a fabric. The most common synthetic fibres used in the making of sofa upholstery are polyester, acrylic and nylon. These fabrics possess durability and sometimes are blended with natural fiber to make the fabric soft and comfortable against the skin. These are easy to clean and are resistant to fading.

Type of Sofas

One Seater Sofas: These are compact and are great to place in offices. You can buy a couple of them to create additional seating space in your living room, these also come in handy to fill in a certain empty corner of the house. Extremely comfortable, these are ideal for creating comfortable seating in a small home.

Two Seater Sofas: These are unique and aren't found in many homes. However, they are ideal to create seating space in the bedroom. Or, you can place them in the living room along with some ottomans to set up a comfortable yet compact living room decor.

Three Seater Sofas: Ideal for large families, these sofas are best for large living rooms. You can pair them up with two more single seater sofas to create a comfortable space. Available in a variety of designs, the 3 seater sofas are perfect for family homes as they are spacious enough to seat large families of multiple guests.

The L Shaped Sofas: Durable and comfortable, these sofas are sturdy and perfect for large families. Besides, the contemporary design sets them apart from regular sofas. These are versatile and offer space management solutions while adding a stylish element to the interiors. They can be placed in different parts of the room and are ideal for those who have a medium sized living room.

Recliners: Supremely stylish, the recliner sofas are perfect for those who like to enjoy the utmost level of comfort. Those who have a stressful job or suffer from back and joint pains should certainly invest in a recliner because it improves posture and blood circulation. Available in an array of designs, these come with additional features such as built-in body massage systems.

Sofas with storage
When you go through the many sofa designs available at Evok, then you can consider buying sofas which have a storage space, so make efficient use of the limited room which most nuclear homes have. The storage section will allow you to keep away blankets, cushions, toys and other things, giving your home a clutter-free appearance. Don’t worry about the budget, Evok has some affordable deals on sofas, so make the most of them.

Things you must consider while purchasing a sofa

Picking the correct sofa can get tricky, so select something which matches with the rest of the furniture while reflecting your aesthetics. Buying a good, well-designed sofa which is the perfect fit for your living room, is far more economical than purchasing multiple chairs, plus chairs are not even remotely as comfortable as sofas. Adorning your room with a luxury sofa will be the best home décor decision you will ever make!
1. Always select something which matches the rest of your decor: Consider getting a sofa set which will sync in with the remaining furniture to create a cohesive look. The merging of the aesthetics will maintain an aesthetic balance which is crucial to interior decoration.
2. The size of your living room needs to be considered: You need to understand that the size of your living room matters a lot when it comes to selecting a sofa. You can buy single seater sofas online, or opt for a double or 3 seater sofa depending on the space you have. Be sure to select something which is space-saving like a sofa with storage.
3. The number of people in your family: If you are a singleton then you might want to opt to buy single seater sofas online, couples who don’t entertain many guests can select double seater sofas and large families can get home a large 3, 4 seater or an L-shaped sofa so that there is enough seating arrangement for everyone.
4. The material of the sofa: Things start to get a little tricky here. Bonded leather, leather or fabric, there are so many options to choose from. You can take your pick according to your budget and your aesthetics. While bonded leather sofas are ideal for offices, fabric sofas are preferred in the household. All of this completely depends on your selection and your living room’s decor.
5. The designs and color of the sofa: Another area which you need to be concerned about is the design and coloring of the sofa. The design again will depend on your aesthetics. This means that you can pick up an elaborate sofa if you want to create a vintage, classic look in your drawing-room. On the other hand, if you are a lover of contemporary, minimalistic interiors, then you can choose a compact sofa with clean lines.
Evok is home to an array of sofas, belonging to different design patterns, the sheer variety will make you spoilt for choice. The color of the sofa should complement the hues of the walls and the rest of the furniture. Check our sofa buying guide in case you want more help while selecting a sofa for your living room.

What is the difference between a couch and a sofa?

A couch typically is smaller than a sofa and does not have arms. It is a casual piece of furniture which is not the anchor piece in the living room. The sofa is bigger, it has cushions and has arms for resting. Leather Sofas VS fabric sofas
The leather sofa is durable and easy to clean. It holds its shape for a long time and perfects to place in offices. Leather sofas are good for people who have furry pets. Fabric sofas are more versatile, they can be designed in a variety of ways and they look classy.

How do I choose a sofa for the living room?

The trick is simple, keep your budget in mind, make sure that you select something which is according to the size of your living room and finally pick something which merges with the rest of the room’s aesthetics.

Is it good to buy a sofa online?

Many people are skeptical about purchasing furniture online. However, in today’s digital age, it is better to purchase a good sofa online and receive good discounts to tirelessly go from shop to shop in search of a good sofa.