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Everything you need to redefine your home

Taking fascinating homes to a different level with the introduction of contemporary modular kitchens, Evok is stepping a notch higher in home designing domain. Due to customization features, modular kitchens are gaining popularity in today's time. Here, we present to you a range of various styles of Modular Kitchens and its components, along with ideas to make your home a stylish paradise.


The island kitchen

Contemporary lifestyles require a reflection in home styling as well. Hence, the Island kitchen- a fashionable unit that uses one wall with another smaller unit either parallel or at a short distance from it. It is popularly preferred by those who do not want complete parallel formats and have plenty of space to use.

Island Kitchen

The u-shaped kitchen

There is a special kind of kitchen is for those who seek more from life. Evok presents the U-shaped kitchen with lavish storage space at the base and on the wall. Its stylish slab can also be used as a casual bar-styled dining table. This setting offers the option to use it as a serving space leading to the adjacent dining area.


The straight kitchen

To embellish a small kitchen space with a contemporary style a straight line kitchen, crafted by Evok, is the perfect solution. Designed for a studio format/smaller homes as the complete work station, the module stands on one wall and is in a single line. You can also choose from a wide range of features and shutter options to make your straight line kitchen more functional and stylish.

Straight Line Kitchen

The parallel kitchen

A parallel kitchen works best for families where a single person does all the cooking, and there is a large space available. It's a kind of kitchen unit that uses one or two walls with units parallel to each other. This kitchen is functional and also gives you more room to work. Soup it up with the host of styling and accessory options from Evok, and get the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

parallel kitchen

l-shaped kitchen

Functionality is the main focus of any kitchen design. We, at Evok, aim to provide you with a solution that is both practical and fashionable. The L-Shaped kitchen is one of the most sought after layout owing to the fact that it gives more preparation, cleaning and storage space, ensuring disturbance-free movement of people in and out of the kitchen so the cook doesn't get troubled. It can also be used as a casual dining area by adding some stools at the corner.




A modular kitchen comprises of a number of components. To help you get a clearer understanding of the concept, we have broadly classified the kitchen into 5 components.


The carcass is the basic structure of the kitchen and is responsible for its structural base. In simple words, it’s the foundation of the skeletal structure of the kitchen which gives rise to the entire model constructed around and over it. The carcass usually comes in MDF/PLY-Marine or BWP/BWR grade. We, at Evok, take it as a duty to provide you with the perfect solution, standing true to our promise of good quality products with accurate consultation in terms of what kind of carcass would best suit a particular kitchen space/house.



Shutters are the part of the kitchen that are visible to the eyes. Markets are flooded with a wide range of shutters in various design and finish. The base material used is MDF and numerous variety of finishes like PVC foil, Standard foil, Designer foil, High gloss foil, HPL, Acrylic, UV polymer, PU Paint etc, are easily available to choose from. As your home styling expert, Evok provides a wide range of shutters in superb style, design and colour options.

Hardware & Mechanism

At Evok, our market network associates us with the best hardware manufacturers from across the globe. We take pride in providing the best-in-class mechanisms to make your kitchen functional and of the most superior quality that lasts forever.

Top opening mechanism

We understand the inconvenience caused when shelves are mounted on a wall. Our endevour at Evok is to try and make your life as easy as possible by providing you with solutions that provide maximum comfort and ease. We have designed various solutions to the problem of top opening mechanism. Some of its features are:

  • Perfect for small wall cabinets
  • Ensures full access to the interiors of the cabinet
  • Offers symmetrical lift mechanism which can be used on one or both sides
  • Fitted with clip top blue motion or compact blue motion hinges for silent and effortless closing
  • Simple to install and adjust


Evok is constantly evolving and innovating to give your home the perfect make-over. We strive to achieve this by providing products and services that assist you in your day- to-day chores and maximize your comfort. One of our offerings is the Skirting option in modular kitchens- ensuring highquality and convenience, and the assurance of a hassle free and beautiful kitchen experience.

  1. Easy installation
  2. Use of high quality, light, difficult to deform, anti-aging, hump-resistant material
  3. Improves the look of your wall or flooring Soft


Soft closing hinges help in easy opening and closing of cabinet shutters, simplifying cooking experience by furthering comfort. They are made with Soft Close mechanism which facilitates smooth closing of doors. With Soft door hinges there is no slamming of the door, which leads to longevity and easy maintenance of your itchen. Some other features are:

The overload safety feature safeguards the hinge from damage if the door is slammed.

The deactivation switch enables small or light doors to close with the same high quality of motion.

Easily interchangeable with current compact hinge.


The Full Extension Mechanism comprises of various slides which can be used in drawers, file cabinets, kitchen baskets, etc. Its functionality is to ensure easy and smooth sliding. This mechanism gives the convenience of "holding the drawer in its slot", which holds drawer in place and ensures it doesn't fall out of its slot even if it is fully drawn out.

  1. Ball bearings help in reduction of friction
  2. Holds the drawer in its slot and does not allow it to fall out
  3. Gives higher load bearing capacity
  4. Available in soft close, auto close and selfclose options

Soft Closing Mechanism

Soft close is a mechanism which reduces the speed of a door or a drawer as it closes on its own. The door or drawer is pushed back normally, the moment it reaches the last 25 degrees of closure the soft close mechanism will act, and the door or drawer will slow down immediately and then close gradually and silently.

  1. Easy height side tilt adjustment
  2. Matching organization options
  3. Can be upgraded with touch to open features



Accessories add more features to a kitchen’s functionality. For a perfect kitchen experience, more accessories coupled with specialized hardware can be added to bring out the most advanced and exceptional results. We, at Evok, provide a wide range of accessories that can be used with various models to make your kitchen a wonderful place. The products are long lasting with the finest quality of craftsmanship:



A kitchen design in today’s time is far beyond the basic sinks, slabs, etc. Kitchen experience has come a long way from simple cooking to enjoyable cooking. To give you the perfect cooking time, we offer a range of appliances especially made for new age kitchens- like Cooking Hoods, Hobs, Cooktops, Dish Washers, Bar-be-que Grills, Built in Microwave Ovens, Built in Ovens which not only provide extra ordinary functions, but also gives an avant guard look to your kitchen.

  1. Cooking Hoods
  2. Hobs
  3. Microwave Ovens
  4. Dish Washer
  5. Sink

Modular Kitchen Design By Evok

Food has its own history of bringing together people. It has been uniting souls and bringing families closer for a very long time now. Kitchen is then an extremely essential space that helps in whipping up the source of everyone's happiness. A good, well furnished and well-maintained kitchen spreads around positivity and creates the energy that helps in preparing meals not just with ingredients but also with love. With modular kitchens coming around as the absolutely perfect solutions for achieving a clutter-free, organized kitchen, it can be extremely rewarding to bring this feature into your own home. Incorporating some modular kitchen designs in your own kitchen can prove to be extremely liberating. Evok is offering some of the most amazing modular kitchen cabinets and modular kitchen sets that are designed to suit all distinct kitchen requirements. So there's no waiting anymore, your dream kitchen is all set to come to reality, all you need to do is log on to and pick out the right one for yourself. Shop now!

Modular Wardrobe Designs By Evok

For all you fashionistas out there, this is your time to rejoice as Evok brings to you an opportunity to transform your wardrobe forever. I bet you all have dreamt of owning a walk-in closet where you can store your amazing collection of clothes and accessories. Your dreams of possessing this luxury are now taking the shape of reality as Evok brings to you the fresh concept of modular wardrobe. You can now buy modular wardrobe online at So bring home the luxury walking into your own mini shopping mall! Your clothes and accessories will love you for this. The wardrobe can be customised to your individual needs and requirements and you have the liberty of constructing a walk-in closet in a relatively smaller space. All you have to do is check out the amazing modular wardrobe designs available, list out your requirements and you will have your own walk-in closet in no time at all. Let nothing stop you from upgrading your lifestyle, log on to the Evok online store now!


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