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Dressing Tables

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It takes the perfect environment to achieve a perfect night’s sleep. That’s why we have a range of furniture pieces to deliver just that. Our beds are made for tranquil relaxation, while our nightstands ensure that nothing is further than an arm’s reach. Perfectly built wardrobes, grand dressing room mirrors and chic drawers add charm and detail. Scroll down to explore our king beds, queen beds, nightstands, bedside tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, mirrors and more.

Pick a Perfect Solid Wood Dressing Table with Mirror for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is incomplete without a perfect dressing table. A dressing table surely enhances the beauty of your room. We spend a lot of time dressing up in front of the mirror so why not get a perfect dressing table for yourself with storage according to your needs?

Select from Wide Collection of Wooden Dressing Table at Best Price Only at Evok

Everyone has their own needs and specifics for their dressing tables. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your requirements, Evok offers a variety of options to choose from. Storage drawers inside your bedroom dressing table will help you to organise your items efficiently and get it at any moment when required. Here, at Evok, we believe in providing our customers with a large selection of choices to help them make a perfect selection for their homes. We have a wise range of dressing tables for you to choose from. The dressing tables are very sturdy and durable. So check out what we have to offer and pick a perfect dressing table for your room!

Where should a dressing table be placed in a bedroom?

Next to a window or along one of your bedroom walls remain assuredly a classic position for a dressing table.

What is the use of a dressing table?

Dressing table offers a convenient and practical way to arrange minute things in one place and it keeps all these knick-knacks contained and exactly where they need to be.

How much dressing table cost?

Dressing table is typically cost around 10000 to 20000.