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Bringing together modern style and ergonomic comfort, we elevate the humble chair to a whole new level. With sturdy wooden frames, additional back support and elegant fabric options, you’ll find that our chairs don’t just provide seating, they provide style. Scroll down to explore our range of easy chairs, lobby chairs and lounge chairs

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A short guide for buying chairs online

Whether it's your living room, bedroom, dining room, or even your study room, chairs are an essential component of furniture and play a fundamental role in the interior decor of any space. Their functionality varies depending on the location to which they were assigned. The only reliable website for internet chair purchases is Evok.

Evok offers precisely balanced style, comfort, and designs through its wide selection of chairs. Designed with pure class, modern designs, and ergonomic functionality, Evok’s chairs also define the fine craftsmanship, and the premium quality of wood that goes behind making the chairs.

From setting up your study space to making your seating in the living room comfortable, Evok has a vast collection of chairs for every moment and different aura.

Before buying chairs, identify your taste, the theme or colour scheme of that particular place, whether outdoor or indoor, office or residence, and the ergonomic functions.

Perfect living room chairs brought to you by Evok

Living room is synonymous to family time and leisure, and a chair is what binds the space together.

Check out Evok's selection of living room chairs:

  • Harlem Easy chair:- A kind of earthy chair, crafted with a wooden frame with the seat and back slightly covered with maroon-coloured leatherette fabric.
  • Lily's living room chair:- A round-shaped mustard-coloured chair, with cushioned back and seat, this is a perfect fit for a cozy space at an affordable price.
  • Carden accent chair:- With a sleek lightweight design, an orange cushioned back and a seat, this chair adds life to the space.
  • Alexa Accent living room chair:- A beige coloured chair with a 1 seater sofa kind look with matte beige fabric-wrapped chair with fully cushioned seat, back and handrest.
  • Callista fabric chair for living room:- An upholstery of smooth grey fabric with a classy look.
  • Hamilton wing chair for living room:- A perfect chair for a neutral theme living room, a white printed fabric covered flawlessly with a cushion seat and back
Bedroom chairs:

A place of solace, comfort, and privacy, the bedroom is a very personal and soothing space to be in. Besides the comfortable bed, the bedroom chairs also add to the comfort.

Here is Evok’s range for bedroom chairs:

  • Nels Accent Velvet fabric chair:- Pink-coloured velvet fabric chair with an open flower-shaped back and cushioned seat.
  • Lone Accent chair:- A small royal blue-coloured soft fabric chair with a fully cushioned seat, back and handrest, Perfect for reading.
  • Hamilton long back wing chair:- Perfect classy or royal chair for your bedroom's recreational corner.
  • Comfy luxurious home office chair:- a chair that perfectly dwells between your office and home. An off-white coloured chair which camouflaged and matched every theme and colour of your bedroom space and office.
Chair for the workplace

Office chairs should be ergonomically constructed which gives comfort for long hours and provide support to aching posteriors. Before buying office chairs online, ensure you are sure of the material and make sure that fits into your workspace well.

  • Diana high back office chair:- Brown-coloured high-back chair with neck support and comfy cushioned seat.
  • Fleur high back executive office chair:- Air leathered material tan coloured high curved back office chair with head support and adjustable height function.
  • Amos mid back office chair:- Black-coloured mid-back support office chair made up of Nylon and cushioned seat.
  • Alma mid-back executive office chair:- Made up of air leather dup green coloured mid back support office chair fully cushioned back and seat.
Chairs for outdoors/lounge

A relaxing domain of every house, where we enjoy family time, snacks, and nature requires a cozy and relaxing seating. Here is a roundup of Evok outdoor chairs perfect your house

  • Range handcrafted outdoor chair:- Walnut-coloured outdoor chair crafted with metal with a net-styled back and cushioned for comfy seating.
  • Quiet handcrafted outdoor chair:- Beautifully handcrafted white metal outdoor chair in oval shape and wire or web design with a soft cushion to support the back and cushioned seat.
  • Tadeo lounge chair:- Made up of brown-coloured air leather dup of the mid back with soft seating.

Most loved and relaxing chair for our dads and grandparents, Armchairs are known to keep us connected to our roots.

The Steven solid wood armchair prices at - is crafted with pure sheesham wood. Back and handrest are fully wooden without cushions but the seating is cushioned with a 100mm cushion.