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Nothing could be more heart-warming than a lovely, family dinner. Our dining sets are designed to bring family and friends closer together over shared meals, conversation and laughter. Available in four, six and eight-seater options, we cater to both small families and larger parties. Scroll down to explore our wooden dining sets, dining sets with benches and more.

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Buy dining room furniture at Evok

The dining room is the heart of every home where we gather after a long hectic day to spend some family time and enjoy our meals together. A place where we create lots of memories with our family, siblings, friends and even with some of our guests.

If you are on the lookout to make the most memorable and comfortable dining room, you must identify what will complement your dining room's decor and what you have in mind for your new dining room furniture. Do you want it to be a bit modern-contemporary, or do you want to add a hint of your roots with earthy textures? Goes without saying, do consider the size of the dining room furniture you want to purchase and how it will fit in your space.

With our best selection of dining table sets online, Evok offers a deluxe and high-end selection of dining table and chairs, sets, buffet tables, storage furniture, and other design items for the dining room.

Here is a quick round up of Evok's range of dining table set online:

If you want to make your dining experience more remarkable, you must designate a table that has adequate seating and is of the proper size. Not to forget, the shape of the dining table also makes a lot of difference apart from its design and make.


Made with the best quality solid wood, Evok’s dining table sets are perfect for your family dinner moments,here is a quick round up of Evok’s exciting range of dining table set online:

  • Evok Lite Rubik Solid Wood dining Set 1+4 in Walnut colour
  • Logan Solidwood Dining Set 1+4-Walnut
  • Eastern Solid Wood Dining Table Set
  • Logan Solid Wood Dining Set in Walnut
  • Cyrus Solid Wood Dining Set 1+6 In Honey Colour
  • Elvira Solid Wood Dining Set 6 Seater With Bench in Walnut Colour

Evok dining table 4 seater set:

Our selection of dining sets improves family dinners and your eating experience. A nuclear family or for small gatherings would do well with this four-seat dining set.

  • Logan Solidwood Dining Set 1+4-Walnut
  • Evok Lite Abbey Solid Wood dining Set with 4 seater in Walnut colour
  • Vita Solid Wood Dining Set of 4-Light Walnut
  • Riva Solid Wood 4 Seater Dining Set
  • Waylon Solidwood Dining Set of 4 In Honey Colour
  • Della Plus Solid Wood 4 Seater Dining Set 1T + 4C (Honey)
  • Silvia Solid Wood 4 Seater Dining With Bench

Evok 6-seater dining set for your king-like feast:

Larger families require larger seating and dining areas to properly enjoy their mealtime. Evok’s six-seater collection of dining sets provides enough space without compromising your decor.

  • Eastern Solid Wood 6 Seater Dining Table Set
  • David Solid Wood Dining Set 1+6 In Walnut Color
  • Turner Engineer Wood Dining Set 1+6-Cappuccino
  • Harley Solid Wood Dining Set 1T + 6C- Walnut
  • Ashley Solidwood 1+6 Dining Set-Walnut
  • Alivia Solid Wood Dining Set 1+6 In Walnut Color