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Whether you need to store away your essentials, or need the perfect platform for your night lamp, our nightstands are designed to impress. Complete with storage options, built-in drawers and premium finishing, these nightstands are the perfect accessories for your bedroom. Choose one that perfectly complements the look and texture of your bed to achieve a beautifully coordinated environment. Scroll down to browse our wooden nightstands, bedside tables and more.

Buy Best Quality Bed Side Tables Online at Evok

A bedside table is that furniture without which your bedroom seems incomplete. Apart from adding to the decor, it will add utility to your bedroom. These side tables are made from durable and high-quality solid wood, to give a long lasting experience. You will get the tables in varied colours so that they duel with your bed and bedroom fixtures.

Complement the Look of your Bedroom with Bedside Table Nightstands

Your Bedroom is never complete without a nightstand sitting next to the bed. Bedside tables provide a surface for books and bedside lamps and offer additional side storage. If you're looking for a basic and classic bedside table that go be amazing black or white colour, you will find more colour option on

Evok ensures that you have a nightstand that is perfect for your bedroom and your style. We have options by size so you can easily browse small nightstands for the guest bedroom or you can browse options by colour to ensure you match other bedroom furniture.

Versatile use of Bedside Tables Nightstands

A nightstand top easily supports a lamp, radio, a beverage, and one with drawers safeguards your medications, phone, and eyeglasses while keeping them handy. A combination nightstand lets you store books, games and magazines next to your bed as well. These versatile nightstands also serve as end tables, extra seating, and television shelves. Nightstands can double as a diaper and clothing storage in the nursery or make books, toys, and special treasures more accessible for small children.

What is a nightstand used for?

The nightstand is often used to support items that might be useful during the night, like a table lamp, alarm clock, reading matter, cell phone.

Where to place your nightstand?

Ideally, your nightstand will be around your Bed so that you can easily access it.

What colour should a nightstand be?

Long passed are the days of completely uniform furniture now you can mix wood tones and finishes in your home. Choose a nightstand that has a completely different style from the bed. For example, if you have a modern bed, try a rustic nightstand or dresser.

What is the cost of the Chest of Drawers?

The price of the nightstand depends upon the size and quality. Normally the bed cost around 5000 to 10000