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It takes the perfect environment to achieve a perfect night’s sleep. That’s why we have a range of furniture pieces to deliver just that. Our beds are made for tranquil relaxation, while our nightstands ensure that nothing is further than an arm’s reach. Perfectly built wardrobes, grand dressing room mirrors and chic drawers add charm and detail. Scroll down to explore our king beds, queen beds, nightstands, bedside tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, mirrors and more.

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How to Shop for Bedroom Furniture Set Online Like a Pro: Evok's Top Tips

The word "bed" calls out loud to cosiness, warmth, and beautiful dreams. The bedroom has several purposes beyond just sleeping, including creating memories of late-night movies and date nights with loved ones. One of the most essential and well-liked furniture sets we buy is the furniture for our bedroom.

Bedroom furniture sets are made with an ergonomic approach to provide us with comfort, style, and ofcourse storage to simplify and clear the clutter from our bedroom space.

Here are some essential factors to consider while seeking to buy a bedroom furniture set online

Choosing the right bed size

Before purchasing or selecting a bed for your comfort zone make sure you were purchasing the right size of bed for your bedroom. From single beds to King size bed with storage, Evok has a wide range of bedroom furniture sets and storage furniture to choose from.

Single-size bed

Single beds are a popular choice for bedrooms because they're versatile and comfortable. They can be used as an extra bed, or as the primary bed in a room. And depending on the size of your bedroom, a single bed might be just perfect.

Single beds are usually easier to move around than double beds, which is helpful if you need to rearrange your furniture frequently.

Marko Solidwood Without Storage single bed in Honey shade

Single beds constructed in a bunk shape can accommodate more people without feeling cramped like the Pedro Engineerwood Bunk BedLight in walnut shade INR 23,061/- from Evok. Well crafted, spacious and can accommodate almost 4-5 persons with its 3 bunks within its frame.

A single bed doesn't take up much floor space, so it's ideal if you have limited storage options. The Marko Solidwood Single Bed With Storage in the honey shade of INR 25,990/- is a perfect storage furniture, which conserves your space and lets you store extra beddings and housing materials inside your bed storage with a concealed look.

King Size Bed

For large spacious or big rooms, King size bed is the perfect one to choose for bigger rooms. While giving you a tonne of room to sprawl out, it also enables you to be incredibly comfortable. A king-sized bed can also save you money over time by eliminating the need for extra furniture or room dividers.

When selecting a king-size bed, bear the following in mind:

  • Check to see if your mattress is sturdy and supportive of your weight. Over time, a soft mattress won't feel cosy and can even make your back hurt.
  • Pick a colour that complements your other furniture and décor style. Range from Evok bedding smoothly with your colour theme and decor. Tessa Engineerwood Queen Bed With Box Storage unit in the walnut shade of INR 25,690/- flawlessly complements your neutral or light colour theme bedroom. Or Flora King Size Upholstered Bed in a light pink shade of INR 51,490/- complements the dark colour theme rooms.
  • When selecting a bed frame, keep in mind that dimensions like height and width determine how much room it takes up on the floor (and vice versa), Oscar Engineerwood Queen Size Bed with Box Storage in a perfect king size bed with storage with a dual-toned shade of width 157.48 and simple straight line pattern.
  • For instance, a rectangular armoire or beside table Avril Engineerwood Bedside Table (Walnut) from Evok will require less square footage than an oval or spherical frame. Select an item that complements your style and the design of your bedroom.

Choose the Style of the bed

  • Low profile bed: Sleek and minimal, low-profile beds make for a cosy sleeping environment. Low-profile beds are ideal for small bedrooms like Paragon Solid Wood King Bed In Teak or if you want to maximise floor space in your room. Some low-profile beds have storage drawers while others have storage baskets underneath the bed.
  • Upholstered Bed: Upholstery beds are composed of short pieces of fabric or canvas sewn together, with a cushion placed inside. Flora Queen Size Upholstered Bed in Light Pink from Evok, with its flexible design of the upholstery bed allows it to be used in any room, even in tight spaces where other types of furniture would not fit. The fabric is typically made of strong canvas-like material and the cushion is generally filled with foam as well.

Explore Evok for more bedroom furniture set online and take home the perfect bed for you!