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L- Shaped Sofas Online in India

Your living room is the primary place where your friends and family sit and exchange conversations, laughter and thoughts. An L-shaped sofa is a perfect solution once you want to accommodate tons of individuals or guests in an exceedingly restricted space but do not wish to compromise on luxury and comfort. These sofas give a streamlined appearance to your interiors and are available in various materials and colours.

How do you use an L-shaped couch in a living room-

When picking the sofa, the first thing you need to do is measure your room space in three dimensions: length, width and height and be especially mindful of the side of the L-shape. In a small area, you want it sitting alongside the windows, not blocking the pathway. If you're planning on floating the sofa, concentrate on the rear of the sofa, as you'll be seeing it as much as the front.

The most convenient and popular way to place an L shaped sofa is backed into a corner where both arms are against walls. It is ideal for a small living room as it utilises dead corners to complete the grouping, add ottomans or armchairs on the opposite side.

You can place this also against the wall; a wall backs only one side. The other arm could function as an area divider between different areas. In a small living room, place the side with the backrest near the front entrance to define an entryway. If this arm is without a backrest, then it is often used as a chaise lounge.

If you have a more prominent place or an open area, place your L-shaped sofa at the centre of your living room. The empty section at the back can be used for accommodating a side console topped with add planters, books shelf and decorative accessories.

What are the different sizes of l shaped sofas (seater)?

L shaped sofas are the best option as they provide more seating space without occupying too much space. Evok has different seating options with various colours and patterns in the L-shaped sofa, which can be easily accommodated at your place.

3 -seater L shaped sofa-

It is an excellent choice for small living rooms, a 3 -seater sectional sofa is ideal for modern homes. Perfect for singles and couples alike, a 3 -seater L- shape sofa can also be combined with leatherette sofas if you have space to spare.

4- seater L shaped sofa-

A 4- seater sectional sofa makes for a good furniture piece for small families. With enough space to accommodate four people comfortably, it is an excellent option for tiny spaces.

5-6 seaters L- shaped sofa-

If you have a big living room, consider an aesthetic and stylish 5 -seater sectional sofa to comfortably accommodate guests and family members. It ranges from 35k to 45k.

7-8 seaters L shaped sofa-

For those who frequently entertain guests at home, a sectional sofa 7 -seater style or an 8-seat sectional sofa is worth the investment. Add a couple of diwans to increase the glam quotient of your living room. These all are separate units, so you can also change their positions for a new look. At evok online store, you will get stylish and elegant 7-8 seater sofas in 70k to 80k.

Advantages of buying an L- Shaped sofa :

Great for small Room:

If you have a small living room, the l-shaped sofa will be great for your living area and can accommodate more people.


It’s economical if one looks at the per-seat price. An L-shaped sofa can seat many more people and works out much cheaper than a sofa set or L shaped sofa with the same number of seats. Our starting range of L shaped sofas is 25k.

Easy to maintain:

You can easily decorate this sectional sofa by replacing the covers with new colours or patterns. You can have different cushion cover styles giving the sofa a fresh look.


Typically the most common size for a sectional sofa is equal sides of 95″ x 95″ with depths of 36″ – 40″ so you can comfortably relax on them or can also use them as a daybed. Some L - shaped sofas also come with storage space.

Excellent for regular entertainers:

If you’re regularly entertaining a gaggle of individuals, the l-shaped sofa is going to be an excellent choice for you. Its configuration is conducive to close interactions with friends and provides a perfect view for watching football or movies focusing on television.

Customizable sofa:

L shaped sofas are easy to use because of their modular units. You can place them according to your needs in many ways to fit your room space; hence you can easily clean and maintain them.

Extra features: Sectional sofa comes with additional features to give a trendy design. Parts like ottomans, end tables, recliners, adjustable headrests, console table or even mobile phone docks make the sofa super cool.

Types of L-shaped sofa:

L-shaped sofas have one edge shorter than the other basis; it is widely available in RHS, LHS and corner sofas. There’s often a lot of confusion about placing the left or right-hand facing corner sofas, especially when buying online and you’re looking at pictures from a different perspective.

RHS L- shaped sofa-

Right hand facing sofa: When standing facing a sectional sofa, the chaise is on the right side. The sofa is on the left and the arm of the chaise on the right.

LHS L -shaped sofa-

In this case, when you’re looking at the sofa front on (not from a sitting position), the chaise is on the left side and the sofa on the right.

Corner sofa-

A corner sofa is an L-shaped sectional sofa that can be placed both in the middle of the room or the corner. The main difference is that it is equal on both sides.

Types of materials used in L-Shaped sofa :

When we walk into our homes, we expect to feel comfortable, relaxed and heave our sighs of relief. Our sofas go an extended way in giving us that. Evok has the best L-shaped sofas in leather, fabric and leatherette upholstery with beautiful designs and colours.

Fabric L -shaped sofa-

The category of "fabric" is much broader than the category of "leather and leatherette" because it comes in a wide variety of various designs and patterns. Fabric L-shaped Sofas are easier to clean, comfortable and don’t get scratched easily. These are more durable and less expensive.

Leather L- shaped sofa-

Leather sofas are a classic and undeniably one of the best materials on the market. Leather upholstery is strong, resistant, and needs very little upkeep to keep it looking great. It doesn’t wear out over time either, looking as good as the day you bought it year after year.

Leatherette L-shaped sofa-

Leatherette is a synthetic material made from vinyl or some type of plastic. Leatherette doesn't fade as it ages like leather, and since it's dyed, it's available in a wide array of colour choices. Leatherette has the added advantage of being animal-friendly, as long as it's not made from scraps of leather. It is cheaper than leather sofas.


How to position an L Shape corner sofa in a living room?

You can arrange L shaped corner sofas in your living room in various ways to position both arms against the wall or as a space divider by placing only one side against the wall or also in the centre if you have ample and open space.

In how many pieces will the L Shape Sofa Set come in?

Our corner sofas are usually dispatched in 2 or 3 pieces according to their seating capacity. These are modular units that are easy to handle and install and ensure the product doesn't break during transit.

Do I need a left or right-hand corner sofa?

It varies according to the place where you intend to keep the corner sofa. You need to check the dimension and wall position of your living space.

Are the corner sofa covers removable?

The corner sofas are either upholstered or wooden; therefore, it does not allow removing the cover.

What is the cost of an L-shaped sofa?

The cost of any L-shaped sofa depends upon the quality and features available. Generally, L-shaped sofa costs around 25000 to 100000.